Welcome to JAM’n Adventures!

Our names are Jonathyn and Marissa. We are a young couple living in Southern California. We are so excited to start this blog, and hope to use it as a way to share our stories and connect with others! 

Between working full time and graduate school, we have our fair share of work, responsibilities, and stress. However, we try our absolute best to always make time for little adventures and time outdoors. Whether it’s a quick trail run, a day hike or (if we’re lucky enough to get the time off) a weekend getaway in a National Park, we truly value our time spent outside of our day to day work and routine. We have both found a love for nature and have discovered it to be the best remedy for stress or burnout. We are very excited to now have this blog as another way to break free from our daily routine, as we relive and share our favorite memories from the most beautiful places!

Through our posts, we hope to share our favorite hiking trails, as well as suggestions for finding trails, our favorite gear, or even simple travel tips and stories. We are also looking forward to sharing the books we bring along with us on the trail! We hope to connect with everyone that enjoys hiking, nature, reading or anyone who just wants a break from the monotony of everyday life. We are so excited to connect with and learn from others. 

Thank you for exploring our page!  

-Jonathyn and Marissa 

Zion National Park

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