Zion’s Underrated Hike: The Watchman Trail

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the country; the massive red rocks carved by the sparkling Virgin River create unforgettable views that will leave you speechless. Zion is famous for it’s incredible hikes that bring people in from all over the world- some of the most infamous being the Narrows and Angel’s Landing.

Zion is also home to the Watchman Trail, an easy/moderate, 3.2 mile loop trail located right at the entrance of the park! Though sometimes overlooked for the more popular hikes, the trail offers beautiful views, and is great for all skill levels. The trail head is located right next to the Zion Canyon Visitor’s Center and starts along the Virgin River. After walking along the river, hikers must cross Watchman Road to continue onto the trail. From there, the hike begins to increase in minimal elevation gain. The trail also becomes a bit rocky in some places, so footing is important.

Hiking up towards the huge canyon walls.

Because of it’s accessibility and easy rating, the trail gets busy throughout the day, so do your best to get there early. In addition to an empty parking lot, you will be rewarded with an empty trail, and breathtaking views of the canyon walls being lit up by the morning sun! We started our hike at around 7:30 a.m, and saw less than 10 other people on the trail. We even got to share the trail with deer walking through! We took our time on the trail, taking in the views and taking photographs, and finished in about an hour. It was a great welcome into the Park, and we highly recommend everyone to experience it for themselves!

Happy hiking!

-Jonathyn and Marissa

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  1. Sorry I missed this! The day I’d planned to hike Watchman, the park rangers were doing a controlled burn at the trail head and the smoke was overpowering. So I am glad to see your photos and hear how you enjoyed it!

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