New Post (finally) + California Coast Road Trip

Hello everyone! It has been quite awhile since we last posted on our blog. It has been a hectic last couple of months for us. We both started new jobs, dealt with crazy schedule changes, and Marissa started her capstone project and thesis to finish up her graduate degree. And on top of everything, Marissa dislocated her kneecap and tore her meniscus. That meant months of physical therapy and no running or hiking. However, by mid-May, her knee was all healed up and our adventures were able to continue! Here is how one of latest adventures went:

Big Sur, California

Last weekend, we took a mini, one-day road trip up the beautiful California Coast! In one day, we drove about 600 miles. We drove up to Big Sur, had lunch, then made our way back down South. We couldn’t help but make a few stops along the way, so here are a few highlights:

Elephant Seal lookout on the beach just outside of Cambria! We had to take a short walk along the bluffs to be able to see the seals. There was a trail that led us to the perfect lookout spot over more seals and colorful rocks!

Once we got to Big Sur, we stopped for lunch at the Big Sur Taphouse at Loma Vista. This taphouse/ restaurant was very unique and full of character! It was partly outdoors, where we got to eat surrounded by the lush green scenery. Attached to the Taphouse was a small deli and convenience store. We bought some sandwiches and a couple travel pins (we collect them from all our travels) and headed on our way.

Big Sur Taphouse

On the way down, we made a few more stops at various turnouts to admire the beautiful views of the ocean and mountains. It was so insane to be able to look out one window and see the sparkling blue waters, then look at the other and see the lush, green Los Padres National Forest!!

San Carpofono Creek Beach

Our last stop along the Coast was at San Carpofono Creek Beach. It was a little trek down to the beach; we walked down a decent hill, then across a field. But we were rewarded with a beautiful, empty beach! We didn’t take pictures of it, but there was a small stream that was perfect for skipping rocks.

Once we got back towards Cambria, we got back onto the 101 freeway from Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1). This took us down through several other beautiful places, including Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, and Carpinteria.

Our mini road-trip was a blast, but it was also such a tease. We are planning on making another trip up North, but this time we will stay up in Big Sur for a day or two. This will allow us to really experience what Big Sur has to offer and we can’t wait! We hope to visit some of the more iconic spots like Bixby Bridge, Pfeiffer Beach, McWay Falls, and more! If you’ve ever been to Big Sur, please let us know what else we should look out for!

Happy travels everyone and Happy Great Outdoors Month!!

-Jonathyn and Marissa

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