Red Rock Canyon State Park

Driving along Highway 14 in Central California reaching the southernmost tip of the Sierra Nevadas, prepare to be greeted with dramatic views of red cliffs, tributary canyons and colorful badlands. Welcome to Red Rock Canyon State Park! This unique state park offers spectacular other-worldly views, miles of hiking trails, off-roading fun, and camping at Ricardo... Continue Reading →

Hiking Stonewall Peak

About 30 minutes South of the charming town of Julian, California is the expansive Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. Within this beautiful park lies Lake Cuyamaca, open meadows and several mountain peaks waiting to be summited. Stonewall Peak has become one of the most popular hikes in the area, known for its breathtaking views and exposed... Continue Reading →

Hiking the Narrows

Hi everyone! Apart from trail runs, we haven't really been able to get out to hike lately. This has mostly been due to weather, but also work and school obligations that make it hard to plan out a good day hike or weekend adventure. So we thought it would be fun to talk about one... Continue Reading →

Gear: Running/ Hydration Vests

Hello everyone! This weekend we did a trail run through the Cleveland National Forest, starting at Indian Truck Trial. The weather was warm and we planned to run for about an hour and a half, giving us the perfect chance to use our running/ hydration vests! Jonathyn wears the Black Diamond Distance 4 Hydration Vest:... Continue Reading →

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