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Jonathyn is an avid hiker and trail runner. He loves learning and gaining new skills and is always up for trying new things- especially outdoor adventures! Jonathyn is passionate about preserving natural lands and ecosystems and is an advocate for conservation and protection. In addition to his love of the outdoors, Jonathyn’s other hobbies include working out and training in martial arts.


Marissa loves spending time outdoors, and her favorite way to do that is through hiking! Traveling and exploring new places is her favorite thing to do. Like Jonathyn, Marissa is an advocate for the conservation and protection of natural lands. Teaching others about the beauty and importance of nature is her passion. Along with a love of being outdoors, she enjoys reading and learning about a variety of subjects and spending time with her younger sisters and dog, Marley.

Jam’n Adventures was created by Jonathyn and Marissa. Check out our IG page here!

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